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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Gay Sex 101, Part One" by Jay Roberts Gay College"Gay Sex 101, Part One" by Jay Roberts Gay College
What can I say? How many times I have begged,
Pleaded with you under 18 year old curiosity kids.
You shouldn't be here and you and I know it. Be
Baxter Jeffers College (or BJ as it was familiarly called) was a small
college in western U.S. amsterdam childporn Mr. Jeffers, the founder and benefactor had unique
ideas of what a college education should be. His motto, that appeared in
raised marble letters on a frieze over front of the main building said,
"Acceptance of Man's Diversity is the first step to knowledge." Of course,
one had to walk completely around the building in child lovers nude order to get the import
of the message.Today was the first day of the new semester. In Jeffers Hall all the new
students gathered for convocation. There were about one hundred freshmen.
The school took particular pains to foster diversity. About 25% were
totally subsidized. This gave students an opportunity to mix with kids
from disadvantaged backgrounds. Jeffers swore that no student would end up
being a snob when graduated.The speaker was going over the course offerings. He was Dr. Henry Wilson,
an ancient professor, who quite logically headed up the ancient history
department.One of the courses required some explanation, he said, "This course is
listed as Social Movements, but most students call it Gay Sex 101. It is
open to all, as are all courses. Dr. Terrance O'Banks teaches it." He
gestured toward a youthful fellow sitting with other older professors
behind the podium. Gay kids looked him over. He appeared to be about
thirty-years old, but his broad shoulders, narrow waist, luxuriant red hair
marked him as a hottie.Out of the hundred freshmen, ten elected to take the course. Dr. O'Banks
found it amusing that each year, the number of students applying for a
seat, in his course, equaled the gay percent in the general population.On the first day of class, he walked in briskly, surveyed the group. They
looked so child xxx ilegal young to him. child lovers nude The room was silent; he knew that just coming into
this room was crossing a threshold for these kids.He went to the windows and drew the binds. He children girl nude pasted a sheet of blotting
paper over the glass on the door and locked it. Then he wrote his name on
the whiteboard, "Terrance," He turned toward the class. "We use informal
first names here." The boys rustled in their seats as they were treated to
his soft brogue, not the theatrical kind of vaudeville accent, but the lilt
of a Trinity educated, upper class fellow."I see you are all bonny boys and that certainly adds to the conduct of
this class. Now I must inform you that this class is conducted with me and
all of you in hymen child photo the nude. If there are any of you who find arina child that
uncomfortable, you have permission to leave and you can elect another class
instead."Of the ten students there, four rose up and quickly left. This usually
happened on the first day of class. He never actually knew why this
happened. He guessed that they were taking this course believing it to be
easy, not anticipating that they would have to participate. Or perhaps
they possessed some body problem that they did not want to be revealed.He surveyed the remaining six students. They certainly appeared to be a
mix of types. His eyes quickly noted that there was one Asian boy, a tall
kid with gorgeous good looks. There was a very young looking blonde boy,
and a husky tan obviously Italian kid. Two boys who looked like twins, and
finally an aristocratic, preppy boy, his dark blond hair falling over his
eyes.There was a gasp that ran through the group, when, to their amazement,
their instructor slipped off his cream colored cable knit Irish sweater,
then the blue oxford shirt underneath, exposing his slightly red haired
decorated chest, as he undressed the muscles moved enticingly, under the
fine grained pale skin. His light tan/pink areolas and nipples puckered in
the slight air movement of the vents.He motioned to the class. "Okay, now I will finish undressing and you all
will do the same." While he was kicking off his shoes, he continued, "All
of you have some connection with homosexuality. Either you think you might
be and would like to find out more, or you have some experience picture child free
and you
wish to make comparisons, or child lovers nude possibly you are very experienced and...you
are looking for dates." That produced a long laugh as the kids piled their
clothes in front of them, on their desks."At the next class I will provide boxes with your names on their to place
your clothes. Shall I turn up the heat? Is it chilly? Yes, I think so."
He adjusted the forced air heat and a welcome blast of warmed air swirled
around the room from the lower vents."Now I would like a show of hands as I ask several questions.
Incidentally, please retain your present seats so I can learn your names
form my seating plan book."In a few moments he was faced by a sea of young pink chests and shoulders,
legs splayed out child xxx ilegal were smooth, or hairy. children porno picture He took a deep breath. Filling
out his large chest. This action produced a few sighs in the room.
Several of the boys had already fallen in lust for this Irish beauty."How many of you consider yourself definitely gay?"He was surprised that only two of the six kids raised their hands. The two
were the two that looked like twins."Are you two boys actually twins?"They assured him that they were. 'Shit, there were really handsome, he
thought. Now he saw that one of them reached across the isle and took the
other's hand. 'Sweet.'"How many of you are just curious and you might be mostly straight?"Only one hand came up, child xxx ilegal
it was a tan muscular arm from the boy in the left
rear. Terrance looked at his chart, it was Anthony Dipalo, the very
handsome Italianate boy, the only one with a beard shadow on his smirking
face. There was no doubt that this kid had sexual, animal magnetism.
Terrance found himself longing to see this hot guy in full sexual arousal."Teach, I'm an equal opportunity fucker. A hot moist hole is what I like,
whoever owns it."There were some nervous laughs at that."I take it that the rest of you are just curious, that you are leaving your
options open."Several heads nodded."Now me handsome fellows, you may take notes if you wish. I'm going to
start off with a discussion of my favorite sexual activity, getting your
mate off. Anyone here have that experience?The very young looking blonde boy raised his hand. His name was Billy.
"My older brother can't get to sleep until I rub him off."The Ivy League looker turned to Billy. "You must be good at it." His
heavy dark eyebrows wiggled in a comic gesture."Sure, anytime. xxx child
What's your name?""Eric""Okay men, leave off the cross talk for the moment," Terrace said.The Asian, Lee, who hadn't spoken before raised his hand. "Mr. O'Banks,
are you planning to have us actually engage in wanking each other. I need
to know. If not, I can relax and pay attention to your lecture. If we are
going to do it, I am getting a bit riled up." He pointed down to his
crotch area, obscured by the desk."Terrance was entranced with the this tall boy with the beautiful eyes
glinting under his perfectly arched eyebrows. His full cupid bow's mouth
framing his bright white teeth and pink tongue, his shoulder and chest skin
glowed with a pale golden tan."Yes Lee, we will do some actually exercises, so you may enjoy your ukranian childporn hard on
and try to be patient."Before he was about to launch into his lecture about "getting your child russian nudists mate
off", he was interrupted by Anthony."Teach, if we're going to whack off, I want to be the whackee, I don't
think I'd like to get another guy off.""I hear you," Terrance said. "I think each of you ought, for the first
exercise to choose the role you like best. But if it doesn't even out, you
might have to compromise. Now about getting a friend off. I believe this
is one of the finest ways to enjoy sex. Although you do not cum, you have
the pleasure of controlling your friend and enjoy watching him reach his
peak through your ministrations. I consider this to be the basic sexual
adventure from which others develop."The boys in the class turned and looked at each other. Terrance could see
that they were making decisions of which role they wanted to play.Terrance told them to couple up and get started. He thought there might be
some problems, it was like bottoms and child pornosu
tops, but to his pleased surprise,
they quickly partnered up. Tony (Anthony) had signaled to galleries child xxx Billy, the young
looking kid to come over. The twins chose each other, no surprise, and Lee
called to Eric, "How about a nice wank today?"In a short time, the first and most difficult part, reaching for the boys'
cocks was over. That was the hardest part. child art modles
Terrance walked up and down
the aisles checking out the progress. The room seemed to palpitate with
the heavy breathing of both parties in each couple. As the minutes wore on
a few moans were issued.Terrance carried a box if tissues and give them out. childs no nude "If anyone shoots,
use this. But it is not necessary to carry it to the limit."Tony called out, "Are you kidding. You expect us to just stop, get dressed
and leave class with our schlongs sticking out?"That got a few laughs.Terrance noticed that one of the twins was red in the face and he was
nodding to his brother. They were so in hardcore child pix tune with each other that speaking
was unnecessary. The twin doing the handwork suddenly leaned down and
sucked up the spooging cock.When he had finished, he turned his flecked mouth and face children nude japan toward Terrance,
and smiled, "You see Doc. No mess. Besides, it tastes just like mine."Lee had a great technique with Eric. He never grabbed hard, but he was
gentle and kept flicking his thumb over the head of Eric's bright red shiny
knob that was oozing, the foreskin fully drawn back. Eric children girl nude
let out a
warning, "That's it. Here it comes." Lee adroitly got the tissue in
position and soon it was saturated with xxx child pix the boy's cum. Eric was one of
those comers who really go into spasms when coming. Lee had to hold on to
his strong shoulders to steady him. It demonstrated porn foto children the warmth that is
involved with helping another boy.The room was settling down as Lee and chillporn russia
Eric whispered together, the twins
were actually necking hymen child photo
a bit. Only xxx petit children
Tony and Billy were still engaged in the
act.Terrance came over. "Tony, you often have difficulty in getting off?""Naw Terry, I can call you Terry. I can come fast or slow, whatever I
want. You want to see me end this now?"Terrance nodded.A moment later, Tony's face formed into a gruesome mask of tension as his
body began thrusting. The other boys came over to watch. Tony howled and
then his big fat cock began to spew. Billy had the tissue ready, but one
tissue was hardly enough for the quart of sperm that the muscular kid had
to give.And it went on, at least six big spurts and six small ones. At last he
stopped, then laughed raucously. "That was a good, one, I guess cause I
hadn't had sex for two days. And kiddo, you're good at this child russian nudists shit."I noticed that the other boys had gotten up and were standing around
sighing along with Tony, acting as if they were watching a computer game.Terrance began dressing. "You can all do the same."As the boys scrambled into their clothes, Terrance called out to some who
were already at the door. "Don't practice tonight. Save if for our free pics children mutual
wank tomorrow."All the boys got photo children fuck red. This suggestion was moving them toward more intense
intimacy.End Part One
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